Hello world of WordPress. I’m still trying to figure you out. My Blog still looks hideous and I’m trying to figure out how to apply a custom Theme, or Template. Until then, the posts will be lacking.

I’ve carried my old tried and true user name over from the many blogs I’ve had, where I’m known as: “FreeBirdFallin.”  It’s just a mashup of 2 of the best songs ever.”Freebird” and “Free Fallin.”

I’ve linked this account to a blogger account I had for about 5 blog posts, and then decided I thoroughly hated blogger. But there’s some posts on there if you can’t wait for a post on here.

If you know of any good sites that have creative and less cookie-cutter templates, let me know. or if u want to tell me how to apply one of those themes to my account that’d be great too. I’ll just say it: Xanga was so much better and easier. haha.

❤ Liebe!