But here’s the thing about introverts….

We have all the right plans and “know” how to do something the best way, but often, we fail to get outside of our head and push forward and DO. At least I am guilty of that. There must be a gene that is linked to the movers and shakers, to the go getters and plan changers. I certainly do not possess that gene. I can get so excited about starting something new, but then never follow through with my big plans, so I end up inadvertently pushing it off to the side for my latest musings of wonderfulness.


ew ew ew I just found a huge tick in my bed. bleeeeehhhh. but now it’s flushed. tick no more. aaaannnnd I’m back…..


My latest concern is how most store bought bread is some sort of hybrid zombie undying loaf-a-nator…..I swear, I had a half eated loaf of Sarah Lee Honey Whole Wheat for over 2 months, just to see how long it would go before molding, and I just watched it….stay the same…no mold or any trace of the fuzz on it! (I ended up throwing it away because it was in my way.)

OKAY, high fructose corn syrup lobbyists….SURE it’s NOTHING but pure sugar….from corn….maybe corn grown over some bio toxic sludge that gave the corn superduper mutant powers to make food last FOREVERRRRR……*insert maniacal laughter here* Oh, Frankenfoods.

okay but seriously guys, that “syrup” is some nasty stuff. Stay away from it!

POINT #1: Here I am, eating a slice of “wonderbread” (thanks regina spektor) and drinking an apple flavored soda, and I’m preachin’ bout this nasty crap they call food, WHILE I’m ingesting the nasty crap they call food.  duh.

Anyway, my ambitions are aimed high, but at least I’m currently mindful about what I’m ingesting rather than stuffing it away in my stomach without a thought about what it is….

My goal for the future, when we are actually living in our own place again…

is to try to eat as many raw foods (no, not meats, dummy) as possible, and if not raw, then as close to whole foods and as little processed as possible.I’m even naïve enough to believe I will attempt to bake homemade bread for our needs as often as I can….but for now I’ll settle with baby steps. I’ll only eat one oreo cake ball instead of two…. I’ll try to only drink water, teas, or juices, and limit sodas to one per day. I wont eat half a bag of sweet south carolina BBQ chips, I’ll opt for fresh sweet peppers, or homemade guacamole instead. I will normally choose brown rice, whole grain pasta, instead of processed/bleached wheat. meh, those are pretty small steps, but I think it will be easier to transition when we have our own place.

Ha, I say “we” as if Clint’s on board with the whole healthier lifestyle…well…I wont deprive him of comfort foods like fried okra or biscuits and gravy…but I will try to incorporate more veggies in our diets.  My biggest ambition is to start a garden like my grandparents have, so I will know where my food is coming from. and someday, when we have our own house for a home, I hope to have fruit and nut trees! Cherry, pear, and pecan, to be exact. Most girls have a dream home they think about….I have a dream yard I think about.

Small steps are still steps in the right direction, and I have to keep telling myself that to encourage myself in making the hard switch from a simple sugar filled life to a healthier one. ugh. but I wont give up dark chocolate, and that’s that. 😛




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  1. thefierycrash
    Jun 27, 2011 @ 05:57:09

    can i just say that i might as well have written this exact blog? seriously, i’ve thought each of these things before (ohh sweet carolina bbq chips! nooo!) though growing up, we did eat raw meat (it was an ethnic thing). don’t try it unless your stomach is used to it and you know where it’s coming from…

    i’ve gotten matt to switch to brown rice and chicken instead of 4 corn dogs a day for months… yes, true story… but it’s a long road ahead. i fear for my health if we ever move in together.


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