Ukes and Baking

Since the last post, I got a small, part time job waitressing at the H. House, in Oklahoma. It’s such a cute place. It’s a 2-story house, converted into a half bakery, half restaurant. The entire place is decorated in antique furnishings,the tables, chairs, salt & pepper shakers are all unique and different, and I just love it. It’s unlike any other food service job I’ve had. The people I serve here are pretty sweet most of the time, and half the customers are “regulars.”  It’s owned by a woman who is such a wonderful person! She’s very sweet and caring and always willing to help people. She is one of my Mother-in-law’s good friends–her and her husband go on cross country Motorcycle trips together with my in-laws. 🙂  Anyway, the place truly is a harmonious  house. Even when things get crazy busy, everyone has a calmness, and peacefulness that i love! I work with some pretty nice people.

Tomorrow my boss has invited me to join her, baking some wedding cakes and cupcakes, and I’m very excited to see the other side of the operations! I love baking so much more now that i did a year ago. The year we were in Nebraska, I was very stressed, and exhausted from my job, but instead of sleeping in on my day off, i started to bake, and it became my haven and stress reliever, and it just boosted my spirits, when I got to bake yummy stuff for people i love.  I used to prefer cooking over baking, but now i think i love them equally. And I’m excited to get back to it again!

Also, I am planning on reading “The Help” and Julia Childs’ autobiography in the near future, so I’m excited about that. Once we get our own place, I plan on trying the “julie/julia” thing…..going through her cookbook…but probably over 2 years instead of one….with lots of leeway… haha. and i probably wont blog about every meal either.

hmmm what else…

clint got a job coaching girls soccer.

i’ve learned some new songs on the Ukulele, and i love it more everyday! 🙂


annnnnnnnnd……so, myeah. that’s all I’ve got


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  1. thefierycrash
    Jul 22, 2011 @ 04:22:53

    well sounds like things are starting to pan out! congrats on the job– it sounds like a cool place to work!


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