Fond of Fondant

I love my new job! Mostly waitressing, but occasionally I’ll get to help with the baking side. I worked with fondant for my first time at H. House for a birthday cake and a wedding cake. I had  BLAST! I also got to know my boss a lot better, and she’s a pretty great person. here are some pictures of the cakes I helped her with. Everything pink, and red, or anything made out of fondant, I made.

So i dyed the fondant pink, rolled it out, cut it into 10 inch strips, (they reminded me of Bubble Tape…) and layed a toothpick on one end, folded over the other end, then folded the corners together around the toothpick, then set it on it’s side in a loop shape to dry. I cut a styrofoam craft ball in half, then covered it with pink fondant and the next day, put in all the individual loops to form the bow. The cake was frosted white, chilled, and then we stenciled the black frosting on. I cut out a white fondant oval, then rolled a pink snake, and formed the “S” for the monogram they wanted. then accented with tiny pink dots.  I made the cherries on the bottom picture…and the fondant circles with the #1.

So that was my fun first experience of working in the bakery. As you can tell…I’m kinda proud of that wedding cake I helped worke on. 😀 First one I’ve done! 🙂 I wont blog about every project, but I thought it would be fun to document my first experience

❤ hb.


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  1. thefierycrash
    Jul 27, 2011 @ 04:17:18

    i really like the damask print on the wedding cake! great job!!!!


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