You know what’s wrong with the world today?

They don’t make sheets like they used to. I’m talking about grandma style, thin, crisp, breathable, yet soft and cozy sheets. You know, the 100% cotton, made in the USA type sheets we used to have up until the late 90’s. Then they started making those awful sateen, wrinkly high thread count, heavy, non-breathable allegedly “luxury” sheets.


It’s okay that they started making new style sheets and they’re popular but it’s an absolute shame that you cannot find the old kind anymore.


I just loved the comforting feel of being tucked in as a kid with those sheets as a kid. I cant sleep unless I have a sheet covering me, so on those hot summer nights, the sheets were perfect, because they were so breathable, I wouldn’t sweat, and I’d still be cozy.These days, the sheets are awful heat traps, and I find them suffocating, and the satiny synthetic feel, is so far from the classic low thread count, 100%  cotton sheets of the yesteryear. WHERE can we buy these?


This has become an obsession, folks. Tell me I’m not the only one who longs for the way sheets used to be?


I’ve done some homework, and search flea markets and thrift stores. all I usually find are random pillowcases. But WHERE can we buy brand new sheet sets made like they used to?

Most sites claim they’ve found a brand that sells them like they used to. NOT BUYING IT. Pottery Barn, Bed Bath & Beyond, The Company Store, Thomas Lee……RUBBISH! They charge you close to $200 for something that is FAR from what they claim it is. Imposters.


The trick, i think, is to find these qualities in a sheet set:

*100% cotton

*Percale weave, that is, ONE thread woven at a time, instead of the new ones woven typically 4 at a time to cut corners and save $.

*100-300 thread count. the lower, the better.

*Made in the USA….but this may not be the biggest issue.


So, friends. You don’t have to say I’m not crazy, but do any of you have the same obsession, or wonder about the extinction of the perfect sheets as we know them? Who shall join me in thy conquest of great worth: to find thy Holy Grail of all bedding?



Sure, I don’t have kids, but:

I DO have common sense.

alright i’ll just come right out and say it. might make me sound like a soap box jerk,  but this, i feel, needs to be said:

parents: STOP BEING STUPID. I’ve helped raise many children up to their pre-teen years, so just because I’m not a parent doesn’t mean I don’t know what I’m talking about.  I’m sure there’s lots I still have yet to learn, but hear me out, folks.

I don’t understand why some parents go to great lengths to have their child super attached to something like a certain blanket, stuffed animal, toy, or pacifier. I can see using it to temporarily soothe/occupy the kid, but doing it just because “oh i was attached to my blankey, so they need to be too!” seems silly. To insist they become reliant on having it at all times….. is just asking for trouble later on…just let your kid discover for themselves what they like/love or don’t need. if they want it, they’ll let you know, you don’t have to shove it in their face. it’s kind of like when a kid falls down, and you rush to them, making a fuss, “ooooooh poor baby that must have hurt! ouch! it’s okay i got ya, you can cry, i got ya” AUGH! Stupid! they just stumbled, they didn’t break an arm! bumps and bruises and busted lips happen! Let them decide how to feel, don’t superimpose your emotions on them. acknowledge how THEY feel, and that they fell….and show them how we get back up when we fall. shake it off, and if they’re okay then go back to what your doing. if it’s an obvious pain, THEN you soothe them to their hearts content. but you still need to show them how to get back up and shake it off….it sounds like I’m old fashioned “we’re raising our kids to be a bunch of sissys!” and I guess I kind of am. but the biggest problem I really see with it, is not that they’re being conditioned to be “sissy’s” but that they don’t know how to be an appropriate amount of self sufficient, they have lower self confidence, BUT at the same time, are learning how to become completely self absorbed. maybe that doesn’t make sense to you, but I’ve seen such huge personality differences between the different ways parents handle the stumbles and falls…. I just felt like I needed to get that off my chest, so now I’m stepping off my soapbox and you can crucify me all ya want, but that’s what I think about that, whether you like it or not. 😛