That’s Why You Always Leave A Note!

So, I am super excited about this news I just got last night. Arrested development is BACK!!ย  While in the process of making the movie, they decided it would be best to do 10 episodes on where they’ve been the last few years, and THEN release the movie. Here’s the article:

The hard part will be waiting patiently for that to be aired.

I started watching the series premier ofย  New Girl with Zooey Deschenel, and I LOVE IT! She is the brunette version of me, i think. she even said something i say a lot in the pilot episode: “So I guess I can’t hide my weird….” haha Clint and I started cracking up because he always says to me.. “Holly–your WEIRD is showing.” I liked the character “Coach” better than the new guy they have cast in his place for the rest of the season. Turns out Daymon Wayons Jr. (Coach) is in another show, that got renewed for another season last minute, so they had to write him out and replace with another. Okay, so the show really is awful, but I just Like Zooey so much that I have to watch it. The acting isn’t bad, it’s the writing. There is NOTHING, no substance to the plot. it feels like it’ just treading water…floating around aimlessly…I don’t know how muh longer the show will last, but I’ll keep watching just for a Zooey fix. ๐Ÿ™‚


Recently I changed my facebook to the new “timeline” version as a facebook developer, and I know people are just gonna throw a big two-year-old tantrum about it, or else shrug shoulders and say “It’s turning into Myspace, isn’t it? Let’s jump ship to Google+”

Personally I like it, and have no complaints. Change iS inevitable, but let’s just hope it stays the same for at least a year before going under another facelift. ๐Ÿ™‚


I’ve also recently signed up for one of those survey/free trial product tester sites, called Vocalpoint, and Just got my first sample last week. It was for Downy Unstoppables. They are little pellets that you add to your wash to BOOST the fabric softener scent/softness. They are quite potent. I was warned by my sister-in-law that you only need a few pellets, so instead of putting the whole trial pouch in like they told me to, i only put in about 10 or so, (they look like small blue lentils) and it worked great! laundry still smells like i just pulled it from the dryer, and that was almost 9 days ago.ย  I got coupons for the product, if anyone else wants to try it out, let me know. I like the idea of using these instead of Liquid softener, or dryer sheets, because you put these in the washer all at once at the begining of the cycle with the detergent–a one step process. A lot of times i get distractedwhile multi tasking and forget the liquid softener in the rinse cycle, so it will go without it. And let’s fcae it, those dryer sheets are so annoying! If there’s not a trashcan nearby while I’m doing laundry, they will eventually end up all over the laundry room, or the bedroom floor, and sometimes back in with dirty laundry somehow, and they just seem to multiply like rabbits when i’m not looking! I guess the real test for me will be this winter, when static cling is in full force. if they help with that, then I’m sold, (but only if i have a coupon bcz it’s a bit pricey….yet on the other hand, you only need a fraction of what they recommend…..hmm..) but if they don’t reduce static, then i will stick with the Bounce bar that attaches to the inside of your dryer, where you don’t have to worry about it for a couple months. I like Bounce scent in warm weather, and Downy scents in cold weather….(i know i sound like a loon, whatev.)

well, that’s all i have to talk about. nothing exciting really, just felt like updating the wordpress before it felt abandoned. ๐Ÿ™‚